Due Diligence Audits
Due Diligence Audit may be defined as an Investigation or Audit of a Service Tax, Central Excise, Customs. Due Diligence serves to confirm and satisfy the investing party with regard to material facts regarding the transaction. Due diligence audit also prevents unnecessary harm to either party involved in the transaction.

We carry out Legal Review, Financial Review & Management Review of the Companies in our Due Diligence Audit.
  • Import of Goods
  • Export of Goods
  • Classification
  • Provisional Assessment
  • Warehousing
  • Demands
  • Detention
  • Offence & Penalties
  • Review & Settlement
  • Budget Changes
  • Clearance of Import Goods
  • Clearance of Export Goods
  • Valuation
  • Import Export Restriction & Prohibition
  • Transshipment
  • Refunds
  • Export Promotion Scheme
  • Appeals
  • Advance Rulings
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